Наша квартира в Янгоне с 28 февраля по 10 марта 2019 г


Thanlyin, Star City, A4
Apartment 819

Our Wi-Fi network name is A4-819. Our network password is qwert819.

Please collect the keys from our mailbox in the lobby.
Just inside the mailbox, you’ll be able to find the keys on a hook attached to the mailbox door.
Please check the hook and take the key out.

We have a pool card for the apartment. There are 30 spaces for stamps. It’s one stamp per person per day. After these are used up, Star City will charge Ks. 5,000 per person per day.

Please leave the keys attached to the hook in the mailbox, just as you found it.

Дорога из аэропорта